Legionella Management

Are there Legionella risks in your workplace?

There may be a risk of exposure to Legionella if your workplace or premises has one of the following:

  • a cooling tower or evaporative condenser
  • dry/wet cooling systems (sometimes referred to as hybrid or adiabatic coolers)
  • hot and cold water systems
  • spa pools
  • other potential risk systems

And pretty much all businesses have hot and cold water systems…

Your duties – what you need to do:


As an employer or someone responsible for the control of premises (including landlords) you should ensure you:

  • know what you must do to comply with the law
  • review what you do
  • Identify and assess sources of risk
    • Identify whether they are likely to create a risk from exposure to legionella, and whether:
    • the water temperature in all or some parts of the system is between 20–45 °C
    • water is stored or re-circulated as part of your system
    • there are sources of nutrients such as rust, sludge, scale, organic matter and biofilms
    • the conditions are likely to encourage bacteria to multiply
    • it is possible for water droplets to be produced and, if so, whether they can be dispersed over a wide area, e.g. showers and aerosols from cooling towers
    • it is likely that any of your employees, residents, visitors etc. are more susceptible to infection due to age, illness, a weakened immune system etc. and whether they could be exposed to any contaminated water droplets



Your risk assessment should include:

  • management responsibilities, including the name of the competent person and a description of your system
  • competence and training of key personnel
  • any identified potential risk sources
  • any means of preventing the risk or controls in place to control risks
  • monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures
  • records of the monitoring results and inspection and checks carried out
  • arrangements to review the risk assessment regularly, particularly when there is reason to suspect it is no longer valid

Manage the risk – Prevent or control the risk

  • written control scheme, that will help you to manage the risk from legionella by implementing effective control measures, by describing:
    • your system, e.g. develop a schematic diagram
    • who is responsible for carrying out the assessment and managing its implementation
    • the safe and correct operation of your system
    • what control methods and other precautions you will be using
    • what checks will be carried out, and how often will they be carried out, to ensure the controls remain effective

You should:

  • ensure that the release of water spray is properly controlled
  • avoid water temperatures and conditions that favour the growth of legionella and other micro-organisms
  • ensure water cannot stagnate anywhere in the system by keeping pipe lengths as short as possible or removing redundant pipework
  • avoid materials that encourage the growth of legionella (The Water Fittings & Materials Directory references fittings, materials, and appliances approved for use on the UK Water Supply System by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)
  • keep the system and the water in it clean
  • treat water to either control the growth of legionella (and other microorganisms) or limit their ability to grow
  • monitor any control measures applied
  • keep records of these and other actions taken, such as maintenance or repair work
  • Keep records:
    • person/s responsible for conducting the risk assessment, managing, and implementing the written scheme;
    • significant findings of the risk assessment;
    • written control scheme and details of its implementation;
    • details of the state of operation of the system, i.e. in use/not in use;
    • results of any monitoring inspection, test or check carried out, and the dates;
  • Specific risk systems – additional controls and reporting duties for higher risk systems:
    • Evaporative cooling systems (Towers and condensers)
    • Hot and cold water systems
    • Spa pools

What do you get from a FutureSure Fire Risk Assessment?


Amongst our range of health and safety products and services FutureSure offers complete Legionella Management Consultancy. To put together, or assess the existing systems and control scheme to mitigate the risks of Legionella related diseases as far as reasonably practicable.


FutureSure fully qualified L8 Legionella Consultants can ensure your site/s are compliant to the governments Legionella Approved Code of Practice (ACOP L8).


We conduct Legionella Risk Assessments to ensure that your water systems are as controlled as possible, with no dead-legs in piping, no corrosion, blockages, sediment, or stagnatation in any pipes or vessels. We check the temperatures at critical control points such as water mains in to the site, cold water storage tanks, boilers and water outlets.


We review your safe systems of work and documentation in terms of water management. Ensuring that your internal inspection and temperature mapping is being logged sufficiently and that you are conducting weekly flushing for little used outlets and that these inspections and activities are appropriately recorded.


We ensure you have a suitable planned preventative maintenance programme for your TMV taps and shower heads that appropriately cleans, descales or replaces the heads where bacteria can build up. We also check that your air conditioning is serviced annually.


We assess the premises use, if there are employees or tenants who may be particularly at risk from legionella, and if suitable controls are in place and testing if required.


We conduct water sample testing which is then sent to our associate labs with Smart Water Testing; www.smartwatertesting.co.uk the results of which clearly identify the presence of Legionella Bacteria or will give you an all clear certification to be kept with your Legionella Management documentation.

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Why Choose FutureSure:

At FutureSure we help your company write policies, and procedures specific to your site with your directors and companies objectives clearly defined.

We carry out Legionella, Fire, COSHH and other Health and Safety and Environmental Risk Assessments of the site/s to identify risks and develop suitable control measures to mitigate or reduce these risks as far as reasonably practicable.

We conduct SWOT and PESTLE analysis with your organisation’s team leaders to identify risks and opportunities and other aspects that affect the company and it’s employees. These exercises open up communication and identify gaps and concerns within environmental, quality, health and safety and other aspects of the business to help you identify issues, develop controls and ensure continuous improvement.

We develop Contractor Management Programmes, Asset Lifecycles and conduct Employee Consultation Surveys and much more to give your company all the Health and Safety, Quality, Environment and Facilities management compliance and control without the need to hire a full time Manager.

The scope and depth of your Legionella Management requirements depends entirely on the size and activities of your company and what systems you have on site. There isn’t a one size fits all solution, this is an active engagement process and requires commitment from an organisation at all levels to be a success.

For a free consultation to discuss your Legionella Management needs please email us at info@future-sure.co.uk