Employee Consultation Survey

Your FutureSure Employee Consultation Survey is an invaluable tool to help your company open up communication to employees at all levels. This tool really utilises your workforce and gives you a frank open honest census of opinions, feelings, ideas, concerns, needs, wants, risks, and helps your company identify weaknesses.

Your Employee Consultation Survey

The FutureSure Employee Consultation Survey is perfect for meeting the ISO requirements on communication at all levels for both ISO:14001 and 9001 and helps all management systems whether you’re accredited to ISO standards or not. Communication to employees is a key requirement for several ISO standards, the Employee Consultation Survey is a great way to engage and evidence compliance to this requirement.

Your survey can be tailored to meet your specific goals or can be a broader snapshot of your workforce covering a range of topics. The FutureSure Employee Consultation Survey asks questions of your employees on a number of subjects such as, but not limited to:


Health and Safety

  • Accident records
  • PPE
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Training
  • Feelings and understanding
  • Uncontrolled risks
  • emergency preparedness
  • mental health and wellness


  • Employees method of commute
  • Recycling
  • Waste or pollution concerns
  • Smoking
  • Ideas and Initiatives


  • Responsibilities and communication


  • Procedures

Organisational Management

  • Job roles understanding and security
  • Communication and voices heard
  • Employee Self worth and value to the company
  • Continuous Professional Development (training)
  • competency
  • inter-departmental disputes
  • pay
  • resources (equipment or human resources)

The employee consultation survey is just 20-30 questions, decided with your companies senior management before hand, which open up dialogue with your employees.

The Employee Consultation Survey can be anonymous or the surveys can be identifiable; both methods have it’s merits and flaws. If the survey is anonymous employees generally feel they can speak more openly and freely without recourse. But in the same vein issues highlighted anonymously can be harder to resolve. A good way around this issue is to have the consultation survey data handled by a third party contractor such as FutureSure.

FutureSure can take the identifiable or anonymous data from the surveys and turn the qualitative and quantitative data into easy to digest visual charts to help clearly identify risks, threats issues and opportunities.

FutureSures post-survey report clearly identifies:

  • Number of participants (this can be improved by incentives; e.g. ‘first department to complete the survey gets…’)
  • Percentage of employee response.
  • Detailed statistical analysis of each questions answers and summary of the qualitative responses.
  • Action plan detailing the major findings of the survey and recommended solutions to issues raised.
  • Time frames for completion, targets and goals for the next year.

If you decided to conduct an Employee Consultation Survey annually (best practice recommendation) you get 25% off your second survey, 50% off your third, 75% off your fourth and your fifth years consultation survey is free.

Each year the statistics from the surveys can be compared to previous years to monitor trends and continuous improvement.


At FutureSure we help your company write policies, and procedures specific to your site with your directors and companies objectives clearly defined.

We carry out COSHH and other Health and Safety and Environmental Risk Assessments of the site/s to identify risks and develop suitable control measures to mitigate or reduce these risks as far as reasonably practicable.

We conduct SWOT and PESTLE analysis with your organisation’s team leaders and conduct employee consultation surveys to identify risks and opportunities and other aspects that affect the company and it’s employees. These exercises open up communication and identify gaps and concerns within environmental, quality, health and safety and other aspects of the business to help you identify issues, develop controls and ensure continuous improvement.

We develop Contractor Management Programmes, Asset Lifecycles and conduct Employee Consultation Surveys to give your company all the management compliance and control without the need to hire a full time Manager.

The scope and depth of your FutureSure Employee Consultation Survey depends entirely on the size and activities of your company. There isn’t a one size fits all solution, this is an active engagement process and requires commitment from an organisation at all levels to be a success.

For a free consultation to discuss your Employee Consultation Survey needs please email us at info@future-sure.co.uk

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