Asset Management

Do you know how many computers, printers, phones, keys, photocopiers and other tools and equipment you and your employees use on a daily basis? 

Do you know how many keys you have and who has them for your premises? For a sole trader or micro-business the assets may well be small; a computer, phone, printer, perhaps a car. But as your business grows, in whatever sector you are in, keeping control of your resources can quickly become overwhelming.

If one department needed a printer, a printer was bought, despite there being two unused printers in a different department. A spectrophotometer breaks down another one is quickly ordered to replace it but the original is still in the system so on paper there are now two pieces of high-end equipment available, only people on the shop-floor know there is only one as the others kaput. 

This costs you and your company precious time, space and resources you could be utilizing elsewhere. 

Here is a simplified generic version of the asset life-cycle

FutureSure uses this tool to identify gaps in documentation or processes to help your company garner better understanding and control of your assets at all stages, from purchasing and validation, through use and planned preventative maintenance and finally to decommissioning.


Why Choose FutureSure:

At FutureSure we help your company write policies, and procedures specific to your site with your directors and companies objectives clearly defined.

We carry out COSHH and other Health and Safety and Environmental Risk Assessments of the site/s to identify risks and develop suitable control measures to mitigate or reduce these risks as far as reasonably practicable.

We conduct SWOT and PESTLE analysis with your organisation’s team leaders and conduct employee consultation surveys to identify risks and opportunities and other aspects that affect the company and it’s employees. These exercises open up communication and identify gaps and concerns within environmental, quality, health and safety and other aspects of the business to help you identify issues, develop controls and ensure continuous improvement.

We develop Contractor Management Programmes, Asset Lifecycles and conduct Employee Consultation Surveys to give your company all the facilities management compliance and control without the need to hire a full time Facilities Manager.

The scope and depth of your Facilities Management depends entirely on the size and activities of your company. There isn’t a one size fits all solution, this is an active engagement process and requires commitment from an organisation at all levels to be a success.

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