Our Associates

No other company offers such a wide scope in all these fields of compliance and expertise. If our consultants don’t have the expertise in a particular field we outsource work to trusted third party associates, this ensures FutureSure can offer our Clients complete compliance in all fields without them having to find and manage numerous contractors.

FutureSure utilises a number of Associate Contractors, people and companies we’ve previously worked with and can attest to the quality and reliability of their work. We are confident in our carefully selected associates competency and expertise in their fields and are happy to have these associate partners represent the

FutureSure brand to help us provide our Clients with the best service available.As we grow and expand we are always looking for new networking opportunities, associate contractors and new talented consultants to join our team, If you or your company are interested in becoming an associate contractor with FutureSure please get in touch.

Some of our associates are detailed here:

About our associates

FutureSure Associate Contractors

FutureSure offers a wider range of products and services than any other business consultancy in the fields of Health and Safety, Quality, Environment and Facilities Management. But even we can’t do it all…

…But we still want to provide you and your company with everything you need!

At FutureSure we pride ourselves on the vast range and scope of our expertise, confident that we provide our clients with the most comprehensive business consultancy in the various fields we specialise in; be that helping you with your Health and Safety, Quality, Environment or Facilities Management systems.

We give our Clients peace-of-mind when it comes to business compliance, surety in the complete coverage of our services no matter the size or complexity of your business and activities on your premises. But even with our decades of experience, our wide range of qualifications, skills, and experience we know that we can’t do it all.

To help give you comprehensive compliance cover we outsource some of our work to reputable third party associate companies, firms we have worked with before and know their quality and expertise.

Racking inspection and training

We offer a full range of health and safety products and services to ensure your documentation, systems, processes and sites are run as safely as reasonably practicable and that all identified risks are controlled.

We have specialist consultants in the fields of Fire Safety, Legionella and Asbestos Management but we don’t directly offer the often overlooked requirement of racking inspection and racking training to SEMA level.

If during your FutureSure Health and Safety Risk Assessment or Gap Analysis it is noted that your racking or shelving is damaged, or that it hasn’t been inspected or tested since it was installed 8+years ago, then we will recommend a full racking inspection by our associate contractor Eric Jones to ensure your company gets the best service and expertise available.

Eric has been carrying out racking inspections and racking training for decades, he offers:

  • Pallet Racking Inspections
  • Cantilever Racking Inspections
  • Long Span And Shelving Inspections
  • Bolted And Bolt-Less Shelving
  • Inspections
  • Multi Tier Shelving Inspections

He also provides training programs:

  • The End User Guide To Pallet Racking Inspections
  • Pallet Racking Maintenance Training
  • Forklift Truck Driver Appreciation Of Pallet Racking
  • How To Inspect Cantilever Racking
  • Can Calculate And Supply Safe Working Load Notices
  • On Going Technical Support Within Our Rack Training Inspection Program

You can see more of Eric’s services on his website here: www.racktraininginspections.co.uk

Portable Appliance Testing – P.A.T.


Another field of Health and Safety compliance is the regular (annual) testing of your electrical equipment. Portable Appliance Testing, it is the easiest way to evidence that you regularly inspect and maintain your equipment so that in the event of a fire or other emergency you can state with confidence that you took all reasonable measures to ensure the safety of your staff and visitors.

Fire Officers and Health & Safety

Inspectors usually ask to see PAT records as part of the documentation review segment of a site inspection, assessment or audit. There are a number of additional reasons why appliances should be tested on a regular basis with the most important ones being:

  • To comply with The Electricity at Work Regulations
  • To comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  • To minimise the risk of fire and injury caused by electrical appliances. Each year about 1000 accidents at work involving electric shock or burns are reported to the Health and Safety Executive. About 30 of these are fatal
  • To satisfy your Insurance Company
  • To comply with all Health & Safety requirements and ISO standards
  • To comply with Quality Assurances

Failure to comply with Electrical Regulations may constitute a criminal offence under The Consumer Protection Act 1987. With a maximum fine of £5000 that could mean 6 months imprisonment. For private dwellings, Landlords Letting Agents could be sued under Civil Law for failing to ensure tenants’ safety.

The Portable Appliance Testing is non-evasive, relatively straight forward with minimal disruption to your normal work activities and it is essential and effective in ensuring that the electrical equipments circuitry is safe to use. But the PAT equipment is expensive and the task is time consuming.

So FutureSure outsources our Portable Appliance Testing to our Associate Contractor Steve Alderson.

Steve has been conducting Portable Appliance Testing for companies throughout Wales and the rest of the UK for years and we at FutureSure are happy to recommend his services as part of your FutureSure compliance cover.

You can find out more about Steve’s services here: http://www.pat-testingwales.co.uk/

Are you interested in becoming an Associate Contractor for FutureSure?

These are just two of our associate contractors we use at FutureSure to give our Clients the complete comprehensive compliance in the fields of health and safety, quality, environment and facilities management but we are always looking to expand the products and services we have on offer.

If you are a contractor and would be interested in collaborating and networking please get in contact and we’d be happy to discuss this with you.